The Youth Space Future Leaders Programme

Aim: To inspire and encourage young people to take a lead role in regenerating their community through getting involved and being active role models for others.

The Process

Carried out with the support of Human Utopia

Hu-R-U? Workshop/ Future Leaders Programme Launch Day:  A day long course and this experience really helps young people see who they have become and who they could be. The morning helps young people reflect on pressures they have faced in the past and how these things have shaped who they are today, challenging them to make a positive change.

Future Leaders Training:  The future leaders attend workshops designed to help them develop the skills and confidence to regenerate their community.

Three options for the Future Leaders:

Future Leader Outcomes:

  1. Gain more confidence.
  2. Understand yourself better.
  3. Be happier.
  4. Improve life chances.
  5. Knowing what you want and how to get it.
  6. Maximising potential.
  7. Making a difference in my community by contributing to the common good.
  8. Building employability skills.
  9. Improving my academic performance.
  10.  Improving my interpersonal skills.

 Gain Transferable skills