Enterprise Proposal

Youth Space aims to harness harmonious learning environments to create a spirit of social enterprise. This spirit can collectively begin a process of social change, individual amd collective empowerment.

Why do we need this?

Human Utopia has been successful in bringing year groups together and providing young people with a clearer view of their role in civil society. This social enlightenment can only optimised if we offer young people an outlet to express their fresh outlook (a ‘new action’ approach).

Human Utopia only allows our young people to travel so far and it’s not far enough. This is why Youth Space believes that we should marry up ‘thinking’ with ‘doing’ through a socially active enterprise curriculum.

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How does this work?

Up to Key Stage 2…

Human Utopia should be extended through a ‘Reddish Franchise’ to partner Primary Schools so the ‘new thinking’ can be instilled from year 1 to year 6 (improving each cohort’s harmony). This would be supported by apprentice ‘Heroes’ and full ‘heroes’ through a franchise run by them.

Up to Key Stage 4…

Youth Space would take the Heroes ideas (from year 7 onwards) and take them through an ‘enterprise journey’ of five years that would conclude with them running their own social enterprise to meet a local need in the community (and then supporting the start-up of other social enterprises).

Year by year linear programme starting in Year 7

Year 1: Idea-Challenge Day
Year 2: Collective Enterprise Networking
Year 3: Scale up processà “Lean Enterprises”
Year 4: Enterprise Support- co-production
Year 5: Franchise Roll out (Cycle begins again)

What does this mean/change in focus?

In a sense we would become a ‘youth business incubator’ that provided enterprise skills through a combination of ‘learning on the job’ (e.g. ‘lean’ enterprise) and class based learning (e.g. Master Classes and Enterprise Weekends). The result of this will be a local network of youth led social enterprises mutually supported through the ‘Youth Space Enterprise Network’: an online system designed to support young people. The Youth Space business incubator would utilise the facilities at the business centre both as part of the curriculum and on an extended schools basis.

What are the outcomes?

Outcomes for the learner/participant


Speaking from experience of the Enterprise curriculum it lacks relation to the outside business world for the majority and so some of the important messages lose their weight. I don’t present this alteration as a ‘silver bullet’ but I do believe it is a practical change that could add value to what we do. It would add value by bringing the curriculum to life through a combination of practical learning, placing co-op values at the heart of the enterprise agenda and partnership with the local business forum/regional business community. Please see the diagram for further detail and explanation of how this would fit together. Ultimately Youth Space could develop into a Workers Co-op that met local need with social enterprise solutions and local employment opportunities through the ‘youth enterprise network’ (described above).

If you would like any further information then please email christopher.hill@youthspace.info. Also your feedback would be very useful. Thank you.

Download Enterprise Programme Diagram here